Chunky Sneakers – Have They Come to Stay?

Chunky Sneakers – Have They Come to Stay?

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Have they come to stay?

For a couple of seasons now, a new trend in Sneakers has been living among us, the so-called Chunky Shoes, huge platforms that, although they still horrify many, have made many others fall in love.

Sports shoes with huge XL platforms, not only in height but also very wide, with maximum convenience and comfort, add a casual sporty touch to any look that we… fall in love with.

The fashion for XL platform sneakers began in the 90s, crazy years of fluorescent fashions, elephant pants, and shoes with infinite platforms, years without a doubt that many will want to forget due to their extreme styling.

We have had to get closer to 2023 to receive those wonderful 90s again.

The big firms that dictate the coolest trends have bet heavily not only on totally sporty fashion in sneakers but have also added volume, creating wonders that will remain forever registered in the world of fashion, such as the Triple S from Balenciaga to the LV Archilight from Louis Vuitton.

Since we cannot disassociate ourselves from fashion, pronto-fashion firms have also joined the Chunky Shoes style, adapting their models to street style.

Get inspired by already iconic models such as the Triple S by Balenciaga, the Disruptor by Fila, or the Classic Low or Corin by Buffalo.

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Do you think they have come to stay?

From here, you can choose the model that best suits your looks.

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