Unisex Fashion: 11 Festive & Fun T-Shirts to Wear This Fall, Autumn

11 Festive & Fun T-Shirts to Wear This Fall, Autumn

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We’re used to wearing t-shirts representing our favorite bands or brands, so why not wear tees representing our favorite seasons and times of the year? Whether it’s independence, fall, summer, or autumn, expressing ourselves through tees never goes out of style. 

We’re celebrating everything autumn with some new additions to our everyday ensembles because fall is such a magical time! If you agree that fall is fantastic, we’ve selected our favorite options to elevate any activity. 

They’re ideal for going apple picking, visiting a brewery with friends, or simply enjoying a pumpkin spice latte on a cool morning. Continue reading to see the best fall tees available!

But first, 

What you don’t want to wear in Fall & Autumn

There are still some things you don’t want in a tee in autumn. So it’s simple to begin there.

As with any other season, avoid low-quality or synthetic fabrics, and we believe that these days you should choose a tee that is made sustainably. If you want to look stylish, you should also avoid ill-fitting tees. Awkwardly fitting tees are unflattering in any season.

With autumn’s unpredictable weather, you should look for a versatile midweight T-Shirt that is neither too heavy nor too light. You’ll be better prepared for the unpredictable weather that autumn brings.

Now that’s out of the way, check out this list of best graphic tees to wear during festive seasons like Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc, that you can pull off this fall & autumn.

Best T-Shirts For the 4th Of July

Parade Tee

4th of July T-Shirt American Flag / American Flag  USA T-shirt

Yes, it’s seasonal, but also ideal for any situation. This is one of the festive t-shirts you can pull off anywhere within summer and autumn. Dont, have time to search for a heap of clothes; pair this with jeanswear during the Independence festive season. 

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Lovestruck on Independence

American Flag USA, United States Of America, US 4th of July T-Shirt

What makes a better holiday statement than a lovestruck casual tee stating “4th of July” is Straightforward and catchy? It goes great with a pair of dark shades and pants,

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Best Fall T-Shirts

Adventure Time Tee

Unleash Your Wild Side: Shop our Trendy 'Stay Wild' Shirts for a Bold and Expressive Look

Simple yet catchy statement. This “Stay Wild” tee is chic and goes with almost any shade of pants. This is a subtle way of expressing your authentic desire to explore.

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Positive Vibes Tee

Good Vibes Shirt: Spread Positivity with our Stylish and Unique Designs - Perfect for Everyday Wear

The unisex “Good Feels Only” tee is the perfect fall tee for a drink with friends, attending a cookout, or pairing with jean shorts and a ponytail. It’s a great way to show you’re all for good vibes and good people.

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Autumn T-Shirts You Can Pull Off

The Homebody T-Shirt

Cozy Vibes: Stay Warm and Stylish with our Trendy 'Cozy Vibes' Shirts

Feel like ditching work and staying home? We’re not saying bail on your boss, but a “cozy & vibe” tee is a great way to show your feelings without saying it. And maybe ask for some days off. 

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Gratitude Tee

Thankful and Blessed: Express Gratitude with our Stylish 'Thankful and Blessed' Shirts

This graphic “Thankful & Blessed Tee” is casual but hits all the right spots. You could wear it to Thanksgiving, bonding over a beer with friends, or have a family evening out. 

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F3 Autumn Tee

Family, Food, Football: Celebrate the Season with our Festive Shirts

Need we say more? The “family, food, & football” is the perfect dad t-shirt for any occasion. Going out with friends, visiting your in-laws, etc. It’s the perfect fall t-shirt.

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Its Thanksgiving!

Calories Don't Count: Indulge in Style with our Playful 'Calories Don't Count' Shirts

Thanksgiving is a great time to have your plate full without feeling guilty. Wear this graphic tee to educate someone.

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Halloween T-Shirts for Casual Outing

Creepin' It Real: Embrace the Spooky Season with our Stylish Shirts

Grim Reaper won’t be the only one “creepin’ it real” when you’re flaunting this great autumn tee for the Halloween season. You can wear it before or after trick n treating. 

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Halloween Mood

Witch Please: Cast a Spell with our Stylish 'Witch Please' Shirts

Halloween or not, put a finger down if you’ve gone through a “resting witch face” phase. Halloween is a perfect excuse to bask in that emo-era without being judged.

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Boo-Tifuk not Beautiful

Boo-tiful: Embrace Halloween Style with our Stylish 'Boo-tiful' Shirts

Don’t feel like playing dress up this Halloween? You’d love this unisex “boo-tiful” soft-style tee if you don’t want to put in an effort. It goes great with low-effort Halloween makeup too!

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Our T-Shirts are not bound by Time….Zones

Our tees are not one-size-fits-all, so our listicle on best t-shirts to wear this fall isn’t either. You could be reading this in a tropical or desert climate, where the term “autumn” means something very different to those in the northern hemisphere.

If you’re one of those people, follow our rules for summer tees in hotter or humid weather and winter tees in colder weather. Alternatively, if the weather turns more autumnal at any point, follow this guide.

P.s. These fall t-shirts are 100% cotton, soft-casual & super comfortable to rock.

Good luck finding the fall t-shirt made for you!

Written by Dusty Jewels

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