Basic Makeup Products to use daily at home

Basic Makeup Products to use daily at home

Basic makeup products

On a personal level, a smart investment is to choose a simple collection of items that allow us to apply makeup every day while being budget-friendly. So, what factors should we consider to make this kit as comprehensive as possible? Eliecer Prince, a national makeup artist for Guerlain, suggests the essential products we should use to achieve a natural finish in our beauty routine.

These include a foundation with light coverage that matches our skin tone to even out and enhance the skin, a good mascara, a moisturizing concealer with medium to natural coverage that can be adjusted a blush, and lipstick.

During the summer months, it’s a good idea to include products that enhance your tan and give you a sun-kissed effect. For instance, using a terracotta shade can give your face a tanned appearance without the need to actually sunbathe. It’s all about enhancing your natural skin tone, according to Prince.

When it comes to tools and accessories, the Guerlain makeup artist in Spain emphasizes the importance of having a few key items. These include a good makeup brush and sponge, a brush specifically for applying blush, another for terracotta, and another for powder. It’s also useful to have a sponge brush for blending eye makeup while applying lipstick directly without using brushes is generally recommended.

If you prefer using a sponge for applying liquid foundation (although Prince personally prefers brushes), it’s better to choose a silicone sponge. This type of sponge is more hygienic and provides a more natural-looking makeup application with less coverage. To keep your tools organized, Prince suggests keeping them in sight and using a good bag that allows you to store all your brushes separately, ensuring that your makeup stays clean.

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To help you create a basic cosmetics kit at home, we have curated a selection of essential makeup products that are suitable for all skin tones and types.

Professional Makeup Brushes Set

It is a kit that includes large brushes and 11 precision ones suitable for applying eye shadows, and outlining the eyebrows or the lips. They can be used with liquid, cream, or powder makeup, guaranteeing a professional finish on the skin. They are made of dense, velvety synthetic fibers, which are combined with a wooden handle with a firm and comfortable grip.

Professional tweezers kit

Makeup Tweezers

Before putting makeup on the face, it is also convenient to get rid of or outline the hair in the areas to be covered. For this, these four professional tweezers from the Tweezer Guru brand are very useful. They are high-quality tweezers, very durable, and easy to clean. Its tips are made of stainless steel and perfectly aligned to offer maximum control in epilation and eliminate even the most ingrown hairs.

Sponge for applying makeup bases

makeup sponge

Makeup Blender signs this little sponge with a design designed to reach all the folds of the face when we use fluid or cream foundations. Reviews like this one can be read in customer comments in the Kiko online store: “It definitely does what it says, you apply the foundation perfectly, giving it a natural touch, plus, with the pointed part I also apply the concealer in the dark circles area and it looks great. I’ve had it for a month and it hasn’t cracked, it’s like the first day”.

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eyelash curler

It is a professional steel eyelash curler that adapts to all types of eyes and eyelashes. It has an ergonomic handle to facilitate its use and a silicone pad on the part of the press so that it is carried out with the greatest delicacy. A replacement pad is included in the box. It is recommended to use it before applying the mascara.

Folding Eyelash Comb

It is an article designed to show off long and beautiful eyelashes without weighing them down because it defines each eyelash without removing the mascara (it only leaves the necessary amount of product). In addition, it is very comfortable because it folds up and can be easily transported in your bag or toiletry bag. To use it correctly, the eyelashes must be combed when the mascara is still wet. To clean it, it is recommended not to use make-up remover products because they could damage the spikes. A cotton pad moistened with isopropyl alcohol can be applied instead.

Bourjois pencil sharpener

To keep pencils properly sharpened and at full capacity, it is essential to get a pencil sharpener. This one from Bourjois includes two holes of different sizes. Those who have already used it stand out in the Amazon rating section that recommends it, above all, because it does not break the mine. An example is this comment from Marilohe: “Perfect pencil sharpener for makeup pencils. It doesn’t break the leads and leaves a perfect point”.


In conclusion, building a basic makeup kit doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By carefully selecting a few essential products and investing in the right tools and accessories, you can achieve a natural and polished look for your everyday beauty routine.

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Eliecer Prince, Guerlain’s national makeup artist, recommends focusing on key items such as a foundation with light coverage that matches your skin tone, mascara, a versatile concealer, a blush, and lipstick. These products will help you achieve a flawless finish while enhancing your natural beauty.

For the summer months, it’s a great idea to incorporate products that give your skin a sun-kissed effect. Using a terracotta shade can provide a tanned appearance without exposing your face to harmful sun rays. It’s all about enhancing your natural skin tone and embracing the radiant glow of summer.

When it comes to tools and accessories, having a few essential brushes and a sponge will make a significant difference in your makeup application. Investing in a high-quality silicone sponge for liquid foundation ensures a hygienic and natural-looking finish with less coverage. Keeping your tools organized and clean is equally important, so consider using a suitable bag to store your brushes separately.

These carefully chosen items will help you establish a versatile makeup collection at home, allowing you to effortlessly achieve a polished and put-together look.

Remember, makeup is not about masking your features, but about enhancing your natural beauty and expressing yourself. With the right products, tools, and a touch of creativity, you can feel confident and beautiful every day. So, embrace the power of makeup and enjoy the process of creating your personalized beauty routine.

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